Top 10 Costume Ideas of 2023

Halloween, the spookiest holiday of the year, is just around the corner! Whether you’re attending a Halloween party, trick-or-treating, or just looking to get into the festive spirit, choosing the right costume can make all the difference. In 2023, some exciting and creative costume trends are taking center stage. Let’s dive into out top 10 Halloween costumes of 2023 and get inspired for this year’s costume contest at Zaharafest on October 28th!

Barbie from Barbie

Whether you’re stereotypical Barbie, dance party Barbie, or weird Barbie, this iconic movie has provided quite a few costumes for everyone to rock this Halloween. But for 2023, we think weird Barbie is the supreme look for this Halloween season with this painted hot pink puffy dress and yellow snakeprint socks from Amazon! Don’t forget to draw all over your face and mess up your hair to complete the look.

M3gan from M3gan

Evoke suspense and intrigue in M3gan’s hauntingly stylish persona with this costume set from Amazon, mirroring her sleek, enigmatic allure. With an air of mystery, you’ll embody the character’s chilling charisma, bringing the suspense of the silver screen to life. Your costume will be a haunting reminder that some mysteries are best left unsolved, adding an eerie twist to the Halloween festivities.

Ken from Barbie

Tap into your Kenergy with a fashion-forward, Ken-inspired look. Whether you’re grooving on the dance floor, or striking a pose in your Mojo Dojo Casa House, no Ken-inspired costume is complete without the faux Minx coat, two pairs of sunglasses, and lightning headband. We found this Ken costume set on Amazon that would match perfectly with a pair of black joggers and running shoes to complete the look.

Wednesday Addams from Wednesday

Join the Addams Family for a spooky soirée and watch as your Halloween night takes a delightfully sinister turn. Slip into a gothic style black dress with a white collar shirt like this one from Amazon, and Wednesdays’ signature braids for the irresistible charm that’s both eerie and alluring. Accentuate her morbid humor with a deadpan expression and some dry humor to match.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid (Live Action Remake)

Don this shimmering mermaids-tail skirt and white seashell-looking top, completing the look with flowing red hair and a daring spirit. As Ariel, embrace the spirit of adventure and let your voice be heard as you bring the beloved character to life. As Ariel, you’ll capture the enchantment of the ocean and the allure of the human world!

Jigsaw from Saw X

This Halloween, unleash the chilling aura of Jigsaw from Saw X. You’ll become the embodiment of psychological horror, testing the boundaries with partygoers with twisted riddles and eerie traps. With the unmistakable puppet mask, paired with a tuxedo and red bowtie set from Amazon, the thrill of Jigsaw’s terror will linger long after the Halloween night concludes.

Taylor Swift from The Eras Tour

Embrace the magic of Swift’s iconic costumes from her various eras – from sparkling country looks to dazzling pop outfits. For 2023, we think this We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together music video inspired pajama set from Etsy is the way to go this Halloween. Sing your heart out, strike a post, and let your inner swiftie shine!

Rihanna from Superbowl LVII

Step into the limelight and recreate Rihanna’s show-stopping look from her legendary Super Bowl LVII performance. You’ll embody power and confidence while rocking this red jumpsuit and red puffy jacket from Amazon, matched with a bright, red sneaker to complete the look.

Mario & Luigi from The Super Marios Bros. Movie

It’s-a-me, Mario! Get ready to level up your Halloween with these Mario or Luigi (or as a dynamic duo with your partner!) costumes from the Super Mario Brothers movie, donning the iconic red and green overalls, caps, and mustaches! Embrace the adventurous spirit of the famous plumbers with teamwork, humor, and a touch of nostalgia!

Elvis from Elvis

With the anticipation of Priscilla Pressley’s movie autobiography, reminisce on the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll by dressing in the iconic signature style of Elvis. With a bedazzled jumpsuit and aviator glasses from Amazon, channel his magnetic stage presence and unforgettable charisma as you bring the legend back to life! Elvis’s timeless appeal and electrifying energy will make your costume a hit, leaving everyone All Shook Up and celebrating the spirit of the music icon for Halloween!

Whether you choose to embrace the spooky, the glamorous, or the downright hilarious, the key is to have fun and express your creativity. These top 10 costume ideas are just a starting point, and the perfect costume for you might be something entirely different and unique. So, as Halloween approaches, start planning, get creative, and enjoy the process of transforming yourself into someone or something else for a night of spooky fun and celebration!