Northeast Alternatives

Mandarin Cookies

Strain Type: Sativa-Hybrid
THC%: 21.6%
Lineage: Ethos Cookie #12 x Mandarin Sunset R1

Description:  Our “Mandarin Cookies” (Biscuits and Gravy Cut) is a truly unique strain in both its appearance and effects. Its flower is a spiky, colorful purple hue that has a complex flavor profile unlike any other. Mandarin Cookies’ taste spans doughy, pancake-like notes and savory garlic, mushroom, onion, and gravy flavors – you’ve got to try it to believe it! Users report Mandarin Cookies offers a well-balanced, functioning high. Mandarin Cookies won 1st Prize for Sativa Flower at the 2019 Harvest Cup and 2nd Price for Sativa Flower at the 2020 Harvest Cup!